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Multipur AP

Multipur AP

Filter with automatic backwash Multipur AP
Filter Multipur AP (Corporation BWT) is used to filter drinking water and process water. It protects the water pipes and the connected components (valves, equipment, boilers, production units) from functional disturbances and corrosion caused by exposure to impurities. The filter can also be used to filter the well, boiler make-up, process and cooling water. The filter is not intended for the filtration of oils, fats, solvents, soap solutions and other lubricating media, and also for separating water-soluble substances.

Principle of operation:
Untreated water enters the filter through the filter element from the steel. Thus, depending on the type of filter retains particles> 100 .mu.m or> 200 .mu.m. These particles fall directly into the lower part of the body or retained on the filter element. Backwash start automatically after a set interval between washes. If due to increased contamination of the filter element differential pressure setpoint is exceeded before the end of the interval between two backwash rinsing will start immediately. Backwash valve opens at the output of the wash water. Segments of the suction ring element backwash move along the surface of the filter upward and backward filtration and sucked surface dirt. If backwashing pass poorly, the filter can be repeated up to 9 times washing. Upon completion of high-quality washing the filter will return to operation. If all the backwash will fail, will the fault.


Package includes:
- Filter
- Cover
- Drive with magnetic valve and sensor
- Switchgear
- Pipe to connect the pipes to drain the wash water
- Pipe to connect the hose to drain the wash water
Installation, working conditions:

Filter at a distance of about 1.2 m should be a separate electrical outlet (230V ~ / 50Hz). Shall be a continuous supply of electricity. If the water contains particles of dirt the size of> 2 mm in front of the filter should be installed filter (strainer). The feed rate of water during flushing backwash must be at least 6 m3 / hour. Protect from strong pressure shocks (for example, when closing the solenoid valve after the filter).



Operating presure

min. 2,5 bar, max. 10 bar

Water temperature /Environment

30/40 °C

Mounting position

Main axis is vertical


Drinking water

Cell size

100 µm или 200 µm

Water flow rate

DN 65: 22 m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


DN 80: 36 m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


230 V / 50 Hz


630 mm

Instalation lenght

220 mm



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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