Mach 2040s OD Compact

Mach 2040s OD Compact

Compact class system suitable for small houses and apartments. They are economical and, thanks to the compact size, can be installed in confined spaces.
Configuration OD (overdrive) can increase the throughput of the system without affecting the quality of water. With this configuration, during a working cycle, the water flow passes both filter columns simultaneously, increasing throughput and reducing the pressure loss at the outlet of the system. During regeneration, one filter column remains in operation, and the other through a cycle of recovery. When the cycle is complete, the work re-enter the two columns. Short-term reduction of capacity at the time of regeneration usually without inconvenience to the consumer.







(2) 203 х 432 mm with winding nylon

Fillings (each tank)

11.3 liters insoluble cationic resin



Counter type

1 – 95 l/min. polypropylene turbine

Dynamic presure

1,0 – 8,6 bar


2 – 490 С

Stiffness (мах)

42 ºdH

Пропускная способность

4257 l/min.

Flow configuration

Overdrive (parallel)

Water on regeneration

26,5 liters

Time of regeneration

11 min


5,3 l/min.


1- inch adapter and clip

Drain hose

1-inch plastic pipe

Hose regenerant

Polyethylene pipe

Power supply voltage

Not required



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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