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Hydrus Valve Hydrus Systems

Hydrus Valve Hydrus Systems

System Hydrus (www.hydrus.com) is the latest development of the company Kineticoi designed for cleaning large volumes of water. The main element of the system is a two-inch multi-channel controller Hydrus, used as a softening systems, and filtration systems. The block is made of durable thermoplastic and has no internal metal parts, therefore not subject to corrosion and can be applied in adverse environmental conditions and water at elevated temperature (600 C). As in other systems, Kinetico, in the block diagram used hydraulic control regeneration / backwash sictemy. However, the launch of regeneration is performed via the remote electronic controller SmartStart by applying a hydraulic signal. The combination of hydraulic control with electronic start extends the functionality of the system, while maintaining the inherent Kinetico system reliability and efficiency.
Electronic controller SmartStart is powered from the mains and / or battery life, so blackout does not affect the operation of the system.
Regeneration / backwash is carried out in the following modes:
- At time 7-day mode.
- On time in hour mode (0 to 99 hours between regenerations).
- Water flow (using a flow sensor).
- Water flow with a temporary respite.
- At a pressure drop (with a pressure sensor).
- By water output quality (quality sensor).
Functionally uses two configuration sictem: Single-Tank (Simpleh system) and Multi-Tank (system Duplex, Triplex, etc.).

Simplex system composed of one filter column is used so regenatsii for untreated water. Such a system is less and takes up less space, but it is less efficient and during regeneration cleaning interrupts (outputs raw water).

When you configure the Multi-Tank used modularity of the system. Each filter has its own column control unit is a separate module that can be connected to the system to increase its productivity. This principle allows to increase productivity to the extent necessary. The entire system is controlled by a single controller SmartStart. All filter column systems operate in parallel c sequential regeneration columns. It is possible to provide an arbitrary regeneration columns, but each column for this system should have its own controller. For regeneration using purified water, that improves cleaning quality, prolongs life of the system and reduces maintenance costs.

Softening systems as backfill used ion exchange resin. In filters can be used Macrolite, Birm, activated UHL, Greensand.



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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