Mach 4060f OD Two-in-one ..

Mach 4060f OD Two-in-one ..

System Mach 4040s OD, Mach 4050s, Mach 4060s OD, Mach 4060f OD belong to the class of "two in one" yin are unparalleled. And filtering systems combine two types of softening or filtration. By combining functions eliminates the need for two systems, which saves money and space and simplifies maintenance. Filling any of filtering pillars can be easily replaced without affecting the other parts.





Upper tanks

(2) 203 х 432 mm with winding nylon

Fillings (upper tanks)

5.5 liters Macrolite

Lower tanks

(2) 203 х 610 mm from fiberglass with winding

Fillings (lower tanks)

11.3 liters of activated carbon

Operating / regeneration

Flow up / Counterflow

Counter type

1 – 95 l/min. polypropylene turbine

Dynamic presure

1,0 – 8,6 bar


2 – 490 С

Пропускная способность

42 – 68 l/min.

Flow configuration

Overdrive (parallel)

Water on regeneration

283,9 liters

Time of regeneration

20 min


11,4 l/min


1-inch adapter and E-type clip

Drain hose

1-inch plastic pipe

Power supply voltage

Not required



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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