Filtering systems

Mach 2100f OD Residential

Mach 2100f OD Residential

n filters Sediment type Mach 2060fOD and Mach 2100fOD as backfill can be used calcite, activated carbon or ceramic filter media Macrolite. Calcite is used to adjust the acid - base balance (pH). Activated carbon removes odors and chlorine residues. Macrolite cleans water from mechanical impurities and suspensions.

The filter medium Macrolite is a proprietary ceramic material, the exclusive rights to which are owned by Kinetico. Due to the spherical shape, size and uniformity of the porous structure Macrolite capable of removing suspended solids up to 3 to 5 microns, significantly outperforming all existing filter materials. Low specific weight of the material promotes quality restoration of its filtering capabilities by backwashing. Macrolite is chemically inert, hard and wear-resistant material, so its validity is not limited and it almost does not require replacement.
Filters backfilling Macrolite aeration systems used for removal of oxidized iron, and for water clarification (sludge removal, rust and other contaminants).








(2) 254 х 1372 mm with winding nylon

Fillings (each tank)

19.8 l. Macrolite or 42,5 l. activated carbon



Counter type

1 – 95 l/min polypropylene turbine

Dynamic presure

1,0 – 8,6 bar


2 – 490 С

Пропускная способность

38 –68 l/min

Flow configuration


Water on wash

492,1 liters

Time of regeneration

20 min.


22,7 l/min


1-inch adapter and E-type clip

Drain hose

1-inch plastic pipe

Power supply voltage

Not required



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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