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Water treatment

Removal of iron from the water - one of the most difficult tasks in water treatment. The reason is that iron exists in nature in various forms and in various chemical compounds. A universal method of water purification from iron does not exist. Success depends on the practical experience of the person establishing the equipment and the quality of the equipment. It is clear that there is a certain contradiction between desires and capabilities of the parties. The consumer wants to get clean water at minimal cost, and water treatment company wants to sell its equipment is not at the lowest price. It is also clear that incompetent in matters of consumer water purification is more vulnerable side. In this article we will try to give the consumer the specific recommendations that he did not pay the money for the equipment, which subsequently cease to purify water.

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About us

BALTIC AQUA SIA represents in the market of Latvia and Kaliningrad region KINETICO Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of water treatment systems. Kinetico water purification and softening products, manufactured in the United States, are the only non-electric systems designed specifically for residential and commercial use. The systems are powered by the energy of moving water and therefore do not need electricity.

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About water

The problem of water treatment is relevant in the world and Latvia is no exception. Not is of good quality even urban water due to secondary pollution in the old pipes. Enumerate briefly the problems which may be encountered inhabitants of Latvia.

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Water treatment

Traditional mechanical methods of filtration of particulate filters do not provide the type of backfill removal of insoluble particles less than 20 microns. This is usually enough to solve problems of water treatment. However, the frequent situation where in the source water contains large amounts of fine sediment or to the degree of water filtration to meet very strict requirements. In these cases, conventional methods are ineffective.

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Water treatment

Water treatment must always begin with an analysis of water. Choose the adequate equipment in color, smell and taste of water nevozmozhno.Sovremennye water purification system must meet the following requirements:

● Provide high-quality cleaning with minimal maintenance, does not require special skills and time-consuming.
● Generate clean water sufficiently long period which must be calculated over the years, and not provide the consumer with a minimum term of the warranty.

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Mechanical filters

Mechanical cleaning of filters used for primary water removal from water and mechanical particle suspensions, such as clay, sand, silt, rust, etc. They should be installed before the water treatment devices for protection against contamination. For these purposes, use pre-filter (screen or disc) and fine filters with replaceable cartridges.

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The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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