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Proline Reverse

Proline Reverse

Drinking water system Proline (company Puricom Europe) is designed to work with the municipal (tap) water or other prepared. The system offers an extensive reverse osmosis filter to remove chlorine, taste, odor, significantly reducing the amount of nitrates and salts of heavy metals, almost completely removing bacteria and viruses, providing a clean, safe and tasty drinking water.
Initial water initially cleaned three prefilters (filter cartridge 5 micron polypropylene fibers - granular carbon - carbon pressed). The fourth stage is the main filter element - RO membrane. The fifth stage - the cartridge with granular activated carbon from coconut shell - is established between the storage tank and tap clean water for deep purification in case of penetration of small amounts of impurities in the storage tank after the membrane.

Jaco Fittings Application allows quick and easy installation.



Membrane type


Daily output (average)

100 l

Tank storage capacity

14 l

Presure range

3 – 7kg/cm2

Range pH

3,0 – 11,0


5 – 35о С

Water quality on input

Chlorine (max)

4,0 mg/l

Stiffness (max)


Iron (max)

0,3 mg/l

Manganese (max)


Total mineralization (max)

1000 mg/l

Treatment quality

Mechanical particles (cloudyness)

> 99%

Inorganic elements

90 – 98 %

Organic substances, bacteria, viruses

> 99%

Terms of replacement ink cartridges *)


6 months


12 months


2 – 4 years


Cartridge life depends on the quality of source water and the frequency of use of the system.
Only use original cartridges or cartridges well-known manufacturers.



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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