BWT filters

Protector BW

Protector BW

Filter control with manual backwash
Filter Protector BW (Corporation BWT) for filtration of potable water. It protects pipelines and adjoining equipment from functional disturbances and corrosion caused by the presence of impurities and suspensions.
- The head part of the brass
- Adapter 3/4 "- 1"
- The transparent cylinder with a filter element
- Pipe to connect the hose to clear the wash water
- Turn to the element backwash
Principle of operation:
Untreated water enters the filter and passes through the filter element outwardly to the outlet from the filter. Wherein on the inner side of the filter cloth are retained particles of> 90 - 110 micrometers. During backwashing during rotation button opens the drain pipe for washing water and rotating the backwash member. Dirt particles accumulated on the filter cloth, washed and sucked.



Operating temperature min/max

 max. 5/30 °C

Operating presure

 min. 2 bar, max. 16 bar

Mounting position

 Main axis is vertical


Drinking water

Cell size

90 - 110 µm

Water flow rate

 DN 20: 3,0 m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


 DN 25: 3,5m³/h 0,2 bar Δp





The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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