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Filter backwash
Filter with manual backwash Infinity M (producer - Corporation BWT) consists of a brass head part, block and backwash pipe for prisedineniya to sanitation.
Backwash based on the principle of suction dirt with a special slotted element. During the flushing water creates negative pressure in the slot element, which is moving along the filter element, sucking mud. Applying suction element can achieve high differential pressures and leaching the particles, unlike washing across the filter surface. During flushing, filtering does not stop. Only 10% of the purified water is used for washing, and the remaining water is supplied to the consumer. Polymer filter element is elastic, so well cleaned by washing. In contrast to stainless steel it is not affected, and iron chloride.


Infinity A - automatic filter backwash with selection interval between washes.
Infinity AP - filter with automatic backwash, the electronic control unit to select the interval between washes and further running the backwash from the pressure drop across the filter grid. If within the prescribed interval between washes due to contamination of the filter element is exceeded the adjusted value of the differential value (approx. 0.8 bar) differential pressure sensor will start backwash. The preset interval between washes restarted.
The modular system allows the connection of filters mounted on horizontal and vertical pipes.



Operationg presure

min. 2 bar, max. 16 bar

Water temperature/environment

30/40 °C

 Mounting position

Main axis is vertical


Drinking water

 Cell size

90/110 µm

 Water flow rate

DN 20: 3,5m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


DN 25: 4,5m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


DN 32: 5,0m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


DN 40: 9.0 m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


DN 50: 11.0 m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


460 mm

Min. distance from the center of the pipe to the floor

670 mm





The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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