Water treatment

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Water treatment must always begin with an analysis of water. Choose the adequate equipment in color, smell and taste of water nevozmozhno.Sovremennye water purification system must meet the following requirements:
● Provide high-quality cleaning with minimal maintenance, does not require special skills and time-consuming.
● Generate clean water sufficiently long period which must be calculated over the years, and not provide the consumer with a minimum term of the warranty.

About water

The problem of water treatment is relevant in the world and Latvia is no exception. Not is of good quality even urban water due to secondary pollution in the old pipes. Enumerate briefly the problems which may be encountered inhabitants of Latvia.

The filter medium


Traditional mechanical methods of filtration of particulate filters do not provide the type of backfill removal of insoluble particles less than 20 microns. This is usually enough to solve problems of water treatment.



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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