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K 2 Drinking water

K 2 Drinking water K 2 Drinking water

Drinking water system K2 offers a comprehensive reverse osmosis filtration. The system deletes the taste, odor, significantly reduces the amount of lead nitrate and other unwanted substances, providing clean drinking water and tasty.
Initial water initially cleared prefilter (polypropylene fibers, and activated charcoal), and then enters the reverse osmosis module. Passage of the water through the reverse osmosis membrane controlled closing valve. When a larger volume of the accumulating tank is full (the pressure in the storage tank is approximately 2/3 of the initial water pressure), the shut-off valve shuts off the source of water in the system. The valve opens when the pressure in the tank drops nakopitenom to 1/3 of the initial water pressure level. Due to this adjustment the life of a reverse osmosis membrane is extended to 4 years. From the storage tank the water enters into the final activated carbon filter, wherein water is removed from the chlorine residues, unpleasant tastes and smells.
Resource preliminary and final filter system K2 is 500 gallons (1895 liters), which roughly corresponds to the consumption of drinking water a family of 4 people for one year. Resource reverse osmosis membrane is not less than 4 years.

Membrane type

(1) 0,9 m2 TFC RO

Daily output

41,26 l.



Dynamic presure

2,4 – 6,9 bar


2 – 38о С

Resistance CaCO3

95 %

Resistance NaCl


Water quality

Chlorine (max)

4,0 mg/l

Stiffness (max)

171 mg/l

Iron (max)

0,1 mg/l

Silicon (max)

10,0 mg/l

Total mineralization (max)

3000 mg/l



33,02 cm


12,70 cm


40,64 cm