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Protector HW

Protector HW

Filters for hot water washing STRAIGHT
BWT Protector HW filter for filtering drinking and service water up to 80 ° C. It protects pipelines and adjoining equipment from functional disturbances and corrosion caused by the presence of impurities and suspensions.
  Protector HW comprises:
- The head and the bottom of the filter made of brass
- Adapters 3/4 "- 1"
- Drain valve



Operating presure

min. 2 bar, max. 16 bar

Water temperature / Environment

5 – 80о С / 5 - 40° C

 Mounting position

Main axis is vertical


Drinking water

Cell size

90/110 µm

 Water consumption

DN 20: 3,0m³/h 0,2 bar Δp


DN 25: 3,5m³/h 0,2 bar Δp

Lenght of the mounting

100 мм


242 мм

Min. dictance from the middle of the tube to the floor

350 мм